Kathryn Wood

Kathryn WoodTrainee Clinical Psychologist

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    • BSc Psychology 
    • MA Working with Children, Young People and Families: A Psychoanalytic Observational ApproPG Certificate Primary Care Mental Health Practiceach

  • Areas of Interest

    • Clinical Psychology
    • Neurodevelopmental conditions
    • Attachment
    • Health Inequalities
    • Trauma informed working


Clinical Psychology Trainee

Lora is the assistant research director and senior research fellow working within the ADePT Research unit. Her work spans across a range of projects, including CardioActive, YoMeta, and PATHWAY-Beacons.


Lora received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from The University of Manchester in 2017, where she evaluated the role of metacognition in stress and recovery. Following the completion of her PhD, she worked at the Christie Hospital, where she conducted a pilot study of GATEWAY-C, an online education platform designed to help GPs with the early detection of cancer. These experiences have provided knowledge and skills which she has brought to her work within the ADePT Research unit.


Her research interests include evaluating recovery from stressful events, as well as evaluating mental health status in both adults and children with physical illnesses. She is interested in the effectiveness of metacognitive therapy (MCT) across common mental health disorders and in evaluating the relationship between metacognition, mental health, and physiological outcomes in mental and physical health patients. Lora is chief investigator on the CardioActive project which aims to evaluate a multi-modal cardiac rehabilitation program for children and young people with heart disease. Lora is an MCT-I Registered Therapist and brings her clinical experience of metacognitive therapy to the research team.