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Metacognitive Therapy

Conducting cutting edge research in Metacognitive Therapy, advancing science and practice. 

Translational Research

Translating evidence from basic science into clinical practice and developing and evaluating transdiagnostic interventions.

Psychological Mechanisms

Assessing psychological mechanisms to better understand and improve psychological interventions.

Psychological Disorders

Understanding and treating common mental health disorders in both adults and children.

Mental Health & Physical Illnesses

Closing the gap between mental health and physical illnesses by understanding and improving treatments and outcomes through the latest evidence and treatments.

Patient and Public Involvement

Involving patients and the public throughout the lifespan of our research from inception through to dissemination and implementation.


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Frequently asked questions about Metacognitive Therapy

Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) is an effective evidence-based talking therapy. It regulates the thinking patterns and behaviours (e.g., worrying, rumination, and threat monitoring) that keep anxiety and depression going.

It aims to reduce this pattern by mapping out and modifying underlying psychological factors (metacognitions, thoughts about thoughts) that are involved in the regulation of thinking. 

What is Metacognitive Therapy?
What does MCT involve?
Who is MCT for?
What is the difference between MCT and CBT?
Who can/will deliver MCT?