Dr Andrew Belcher

Dr Andrew Belcher

Dr Andrew BelcherResearch Associate

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  • Qualifications

    • BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University
    • MSc in Clinical Neurology at the University of Sheffield
    • PhD in Medicine at the University of Nottingham

  • Areas of Interest

    • Metacognitive Therapy, Metacognition
    • Anxiety Disorders, Depression and Trauma
    • Mental Health in Physical Illnesses
    • Cognition & Dementia in Neurological Disorders


Research Associate

Dr Andrew Belcher’s current role in ADePT is working on the PATHWAY-Beacons study which aims to determine if it is feasible to roll out Group-MCT in cardiac rehabilitation services across the NHS. As a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)-funded study, this research has significant implications for mental health care.


In addition to this work, Dr Andrew Belcher is also involved in The Youth Metacognitive Therapy (YoMeta) trial, which aims to investigate the effectiveness of group metacognitive therapy (MCT) for children and young people with anxiety and depression.


Dr Andrew Belcher has a background in Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Neurology, and Medicine provides valuable perspectives on physical and mental health interplay, particularly in neurological disorders. During his PhD research, Andrew investigated the risk factors associated with short and long-term cognitive impairment in people who have experienced a stroke or have multiple sclerosis. This research helps in understanding the cognitive and psychological impact of neurological disorders, highlighting the need for a holistic approach to care.