Clair Davison

Clair Davison

Clair DavisonTrainee Clinical Psychologist

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    • MA (Hons) Psychology – University of St Andrews

  • Areas of Interest

    • Clinical Neuropsychology
    • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
    • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
    • Emotional Disorders
    • Metacognition and Metacognitive Therapy
    • Family Therapy


Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Clair Davison is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist currently completing the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at The University of Manchester. She completed her undergraduate studies at The University of St Andrews. She has also completed an internship with the Policy Research Group at The University of Cambridge as part of a Junior Researcher Programme.

Throughout her psychology training, Clair has had experience working in a variety of clinical settings. These include a transitional and community neurorehabilitation, eating disorders, early detection and intervention and pain management.


Clair Davison is interested in understanding the aetiology and treatment of emotional difficulties following a neurological event. Her doctoral thesis includes piloting the Attention Training Technique as a novel intervention to reduce symptoms of Post-Stroke Emotionalism supervised by Professor Adrian Wells and Dr Lora Capobianco. Clair is also interested in delivery of neuropsychological services with a particular emphasis on systemic working with families and couples who have been affected by neurological events.